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Serviced Accommodation (SA) in 2021

Updated: May 17, 2021

Hello, I'm Alison Williams and want to raise your awareness of all the amazing opportunities the world of SA has to offer you! More people than ever are now choosing to have staycations due to coronavirus-related uncertainties, but also people are increasingly realising the advantages of staying in a 'home from home' rather than a hotel, as you then have the luxury of your own living room, kitchen and so on at a very similar price to staying in many hotels. Similarly, workers staying away for weeks or months at a time are much happier staying in a home rather than a hotel, and is often the preference for contractors these days. Often their employers are willing to pay out a little more than holiday-makers too, making this section of the market all the more lucrative. So this this is why people like ourselves are in this market.

However, there are SO many advantages to landlords to running SA from their properties rather than regular tenants, as stated in the website homepage. There are no more voids, as we pay the rental amount regardless of whether our clients are staying or not. No risk of dirty, messy houses requiring expensive redecoration every few years, (we deal with any aesthetic issues immediately), no tenants reluctant to leave and paying rent late or not at all. All minor repairs are dealt with by us. Capital Allowances on original cost of property and subsequent fittings can be claimed for SA properties and not rental properties. Likewise, Section 24 that applies to regular landlords means they can no longer claim tax relief on mortgage interest, does not apply to SA. Energy ratings are not a source of worry for SA either, whereas they must be at least EER of C to allow normal tenant agreements very soon.

If you are somebody that is not currently renting out a property, but don't really want any hassle at all, we can take all worries off your mind but still get you that regular income! We can furnish the property, decorate it, make sure all legal requirements are met regarding any mortgage, insurance etc., advertise and manage bookings, and arrange everything for the enjoyment of our clients' stays. All you do is allow us to pay you rent every month while we pay all the utilities bills and do everything else necessary to make our clients' stays in Cornwall and Devon as enjoyable as possible. This company is set up by somebody (myself) that already experienced the enjoyment and satisfaction of running a coastal holiday home in Cornwall, which has had to date 100% five star reviews (see Sheerwater Holiday Homes, Cornwall), and cares very much about the end result of our business: Making our properties' owners, as well as our guests who stay in the properties, very happy with their serviced accommodation experience with Blue Jacaranda Properties.

If you allow Blue Jacaranda Properties to become your trusty 'tenant', we can maintain your property in show home condition, have rent go into your account every month without fail for the agreed period of time (1 to 5 years), and have your property checked every week by cleaning staff / meet and greet staff. All this on top of the possible tax savings if Capital Allowances have never been claimed in the property already (in most cases they haven't), and if the new Section 24 antilandlord tax is currently changing your tax bills in a horrific way!

We have rental agreements ready to go, which of course are tailored for each individual case so everybody is happy to commit to anything from 1 to 5 years of our agreements. There really is no downside to committing to our SA. From our legal thoroughness (avoiding possible misunderstandings or problems) to the quality of our clients staying in our high quality properties (holiday or corporate guests), continuous checking and upkeep of our properties, and reliability of income to yourselves, as well as potential tax savings, this all culminates in all hassles and worries being out of your hands.

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